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fibreculture projects

Members of the fibreculture network engage in a number of diverse online and offline projects. The facilitators are always keen to hear from list members wanting to be involved in ongoing projects or willing to pitch new projects to the fibreculture community.

Existing & future projects include:

Fibreculture Publications >>>
Fibreculture has endeavored to intervene in the new publishing spaces made available by digital networks in ways that benefit both members of the Fibreculture community and the broader reading public. A number of publications already exist and there are plans for the establishment of an epress in the near future.

Fibreculture New Media Education >>>
In an age dominated by corporate concerns, education still wants to be free! The New Media Education section of the Fibreculture website aims to provide educators with links to the teaching materials and resources of scholars both in Australasia and around the world. We are looking to establish a free online course in the near future. Coordinated by Lisa Gye.

M/C/FIBRE collaboration >>>
An exciting collaboration between fibreculture and M/C, the award-winning journal of media and culture (see Taking the theme FIBRE, this special edition of M/C was edited by the fibreculture community; some refereeing took place on-list, in open discussion threads driven by review 'cells'. This project was coordinated by David Teh.

Fibreculture Online Gallery
We are keen to establish an online space for the exhibition of Australiasian new media arts. If you would like to have your work exhibited on the fibreculture site, please contact:
Lisa Gye (Melbourne)
Anna Munster (Sydney)