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issue 15 - 2009 remix
issue 14 - 2009 web 2.0
issue 13 - 2008
after convergence
issue 12 - 2008 metamodels
issue 11 - 2008 DAC conference
issue 10 - 2007 new pedagogies
issue 9 - 2006 general issue
issue 8 - 2006 gaming networks
issue 7 - 2005 distributed aesthetics
issue 6 - 2005 mobility
issue 5 - 2005 precarious labour
issue 4 - 2005
issue 3 - 2004 general issue
issue 2 - 2003 new media education
issue 1 - 2003 the politics of networks

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about the journal

Andrew Murphie (University of New South Wales, Sydney)

Journal Manager
Lisa Gye (Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne)

Editorial and Management Committee
Susan Ballard (Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, New Zealand)
Chris Chesher (University of Sydney)
Alice Crawford (University of New South Wales, Sydney)
Michael Dieter (University of Melbourne)
Kelli Fuery (Newcastle University, Australia)
Gillian Fuller (University of New South Wales, Sydney)
Gary Genosko (Lakehead University, Canada)
Thomas Markussen (Kolding Design School, Denmark)
Lizzie Muller (University of Technology, Sydney)
Anna Munster (University of New South Wales, Sydney)
Elena Razlogova (Concordia University, Montréal)
Ingrid Richardson (Murdoch University, Perth)
Kate Southworth (iRes Centre for Research in Interactive Art and Design, University College, Falmouth, UK)
Mat Wall-Smith (University of New South Wales, Sydney)
Mitchell Whitelaw (Canberra University)

Editorial Board
Belinda Barnet (Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne)
Sandra Buckley (Management Consultant and Independent Scholar, Montréal)
Danny Butt (National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries, University of Auckland)
Linda Carroli (Harbinger Consulting, Australian Network for Art and Technology)
Felicity Colman (University of Melbourne)
Melinda Cooper (University of Sydney)
Kate Crawford (University of New South Wales, Sydney)
Sean Cubitt (University of Melbourne)
Michael Dahan (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)
Sher Doruff (Amsterdam School of the Arts)
Pia Ednie-Brown (RMIT, Melbourne)
Mary Flanagan (Hunter College, New York)
Terry Flew (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane)
Phil Graham (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane)
Melissa Gregg (University of Queensland, Brisbane)
Ross Harley (University of New South Wales, Sydney)
Maren Hartmann (University of the Arts, Berlin)
Robert Hassan (Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne)
Larissa Hjorth (RMIT, Melbourne)
Teri Hoskin (Artist/electronic writing research ensemble. Adelaide)
Troels Degn Johansson (Danish Design School, Copenhagen)
Paul Jones (University of New South Wales, Sydney)
Andrew Kenyon (University of Melbourne)
Julian Kucklich (Saarbrücken)
Elaine Lally (University of Western Sydney)
Geert Lovink (University of Amsterdam)
Adrian Mackenzie (Lancaster University)
Lev Manovich (University of California, San Diego)
Graham Meikle (Macquarie University, Sydney/Stirling University, Scotland)
Adrian Miles (RMIT, Melbourne)
Catherine Mills (University of Sydney)
Esther Milne (Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne)
Timothy Murray (Cornell University, New York)
Brett Neilson (University of Western Sydney)
Jussi Parikka (Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge)
Andy Polaine (interactive media consultant, Offenberg/University of New South Wales, Sydney)
John Potts (Macquarie University, Sydney)
Melinda Rackham (Australian Network for Art and Technology)
Philip Roe (Central Queensland University, Bundaberg)
Ned Rossiter (Independent researcher, Beijing)
John Scannell (University of New South Wales, Sydney)
Sha Xin Wei (Concordia University, Montréal)
John Sutton (Macquarie University, Sydney)
Tiziana Terranova (Università di Napoli L'Orientale', Italy)
David Teh (Curator/Bangkok)
Darren Tofts (Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne)
Gregory L. Ulmer (University of Florida)
José van Dijck (University of Amsterdam)
Jill Walker (University of Bergen)
Shujen Wang (Emerson College, Boston)